“Thank you for all the inspiration and magic - the girls adore ballet”
(Meagan, mum of Emily and Tess)

“An enlightening and infinitely patient teacher”
(Megan, mum of Alyssa)

“We are really happy with Miss Shelleys' dancing class. Our daughter thrives on the warm atmosphere and friendly teacher.”
(Pascale, mum of Sati)

“Miss Shelley is professional and her classes very well thought out and perfectly age appropriate. My daughter has been going for two years and she loves it!”
(Kath, mum of Rosie)

“Miss Shelley is the best ballet teacher in the whole world.”
(Morgan, aged 8)

“Hannah started dancing lessons with the 'Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance' when she was two and a half years old. She is now four and has really enjoyed the progression from simple creative movement with lots of instruments, to ballet; which in her own words is "more tricky" but lots of fun!”
(Sarah, mum of Hannah)

“From the moment we met Miss Shelley, we knew our daughter, Eva, would thrive in this class. Eva is a very shy five year old, but the moment she arrives at ballet she takes on a new persona and literally grows in stature on the dance floor. Not only has it helped with her confidence and her posture, but she can now recognise rhythm. Miss Shelley has a lovely gentle way with all the children, showing great encouragement, kindness and patience and they, in turn, respond so well to her. I would recommend her class to everyone.”
(Emma, mum of Eva)

“Livia has been very happy attending classes with the Isaac-Clarke Academy of Dance. Shelley offers a fantastic and gentle first experience of dance, rhythm and expression. She obviously cares about each child’s progress while not losing sight of their need for fun. My daughter loves the class and she looks forward to it every week - I highly recommend it.”
(Isabelle, mum of Livia)

“I love 1st position of my feet”
(Alex, aged 3)

'Thank you for being such a wonderful, inspirational ballet teacher'                        (Samantha, mum of Georgie)

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